Hi, just to finish my recent rant….

If you do have any of your personal pics stolen, contact the Tumblr help team - there’s a link at the bottom of this page, where it says “You can report violations of these guidelines to us directly.”

Tell them there’s been a violation of the community guidelines regarding misattribution/non-attribution; send them the URL of the post on your blog, and the URL of the pic on the blog that’s nicked it (how to find the URL)

You can also do this if you find anything really unpleasant/abusive/unsafe you think needs removing


Natacha Merritt & The Bathrooms #12 /DV

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Dedicated to all the oxygen thieves who steal credits

Dedicated to all the oxygen thieves who steal credits

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Is there any way of blocking someone from following you on here?

I’m getting mighty fucking sick of people taking everything I reblog and reposting it as their own

It pisses me off even more cos I know that people have quit Tumblr because their personal pics have been stolen - we all end up losing out if these dicks get away with it and the real users quit

Lets see if they’ve got the bollocks to steal this post too!!