You always have that one follower who attacks your notifications in the middle of the night and goes through your blog, reblogging everything in sight.

And you’re just like:

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Mmmm I cant wait to fuck my pet for the first time

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That’s My good boy


(AKA “How To Get a Nice Girl to Peg You”)

One of the main questions that seems to float around cyberspace is how exactly do you approach your girl and tell her, “Please, please, fuck me in the ass with a strap on!” And sure— I can see how that would be difficult. On the one hand, you are a manly…


Showing off my Tantus Feeldoe More Red… Cannot wait to lube it up and slip it in the boy’s ass…


Showing off my Tantus Feeldoe More Red… Cannot wait to lube it up and slip it in the boy’s ass…


One of my rare dominant moods churned out this pegging fantasy…

Owned By Me

I pause outside of your office.  I can hear you typing away in there and I know you must be preoccupied with work.  

I don’t hesitate when I walk in and cross the room to your desk.  You don’t look up and I can see by the crease in your forehead that this is not a good time.

Ignoring the signs I position myself to the right of you and push myself up onto the cool wood surface.  This gets your attention and your eyes take in my appearance.  I am dressed in nothing but one of your white dress shirts unbuttoned down to the curve of my breast.  There is a moment where you fight with yourself; your desire versus your deadline.  You are silent as you position your hands on my waist and slide me over so that I am straddling you.  Decision made.  Your hands reach for the top button.

“Don’t.”  I say this calmly but firmly.  

There is a moment’s hesitation and then your eyes take in the rigidity in my posture and the determined pinch of my mouth.  Amusing me you drop your hands and watch as I raise mine.  I begin at the top button and taking my time, release each little circle from it’s hole until the last one gives way and parts to reveal a black leather harness and flesh colored girlcock.  It lewdly springs forward and I keep my features in check as I watch your eyes widen at the size.  

“What’s this baby girl?” you ask surprised.

Grabbing up my cock I firmly stroke it, loving the feel of it in my hand.  “This is your next two hours,” I say matter-of-factly.

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